Boho love based in true love story.
Love for life and love for creation
It has been established from Yiannis and Marina making their dream come true.
All start in Naxos island-Greece.
Boho love is an idea, inspired by the beautiful long summers of the Cyclades, full of light, color and romantic touch.
With feminine and bohemian style, our creations made by young designers and specially chosen fabrics.
Every item is a piece of art and has its own unique story, like you.

Here in Naxos is our warehouse and the retail shop of boho love



From our warehouse and the beautiful beaches in Naxos, back to Athens city in the winter for some creating times.

This is where our workshop and showroom is.
Here we work with the designs of the new models. Everything is prepared here before going into production. Is also the showroom of boho love where customers can look from close our collection.


Traveling is our inspiration.

The wonderful people of India create the textiles and fabrics for our designs.
Handmade cotton and silk full of colors and oriental prints made in this amazing country.
When everything is ready with our new models in Athens we pass to the most exciting part. One month in India is never enough. Working there is a lot of fun but hard too. Tones of fabrcs that we have to choose and put them together. Is a new experience everytime we going and allways sad to return back in Greece.